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Sticking to the management concept of human-oriented, Xugong Road Construction Machinery provides the staff with the leading human resource policy.

Development Space
To provide the staff with diversified occupation development space of management and profession.
(1)Management channel: New staff-director-section chief-minister-assistant president and above (company leader)
(2)Profession channel: New staff-primary-junior-senior-expert-senior expert
(3)Competitive employment: When the company has important vacancy, all staff has the chance to participate in the competitive employment.

Training System
Diversified training system
Pre-service training; various kinds and levels of training; qualification confirmation training; various business skill training; academic training.

The company carries out the reasonable salary policy of distributing according to the work, more labor and more benefits, and the equality is also considered.

Labor Relation
The company strictly follows the Labor Law and various laws and regulations, and guarantees the benefit and right of the staff.
The company provides endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance (including medical Insurance for major diseases), maternity insurance, work injury insurance and housing provident fund.

The company provides the staff with frock and related labor protection products.
According to the regulation of high-up, the company provides the staff with various kinds of allowance and subsidy.
The company provides housing subsidy to the undergraduates monthly.
The company provides the staff with birthday blessings.

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