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Product Motor grader Mixing machine

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Respected Customers::
  Please fill in the table below, and we will improve our service quality according to your suggestions. And we will be very grateful for your support.
Contact Person Product No. Purchase Date
Company Name Address
Contact Person Telephone Location
Spare Parts Available Parts (Quantity)
Time of troubleshooting
Charge Yes   No Ask for benefits Yes   No
Ask for reimbursement of the traffic fee Yes    No Fill in the service card Yes   No
The service staff come to the site Spare parts delivery
In a day  in time   delay In a day     in time   delay
Service attitude Satisfied    Dissatisfied
the service staff’s service capability Satisfied       Dissatisfied
Make test and inspection to the whole machine
after the troubleshooting
Yes   No
Unsolved problems remain when the repair is finished Yes   No
To the whole service process Satisfied  Dissatisfied
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