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Service Scope:
•The Service Guide specifies the service orientation, service concept, service tenet, service discipline, duty, contents, as well as the construction and management of the service network.
•The Service Guide is applicable to the after sales service work, including all the service and repair as well as the management and sales of spare parts both inside and outside the warranty scope.

Service Aim:
Aftersales service is very important for the improvement of customer satisfaction and the core competitive force of the enterprise. The Service Guide is used to instruct and guide the aftersales service work, and uniform the service concept, specify the work process, standardize the service items, improve the aftersales service system of the company, ensuring the normal performance of aftersales service work, and provide customers timely, quick, and efficient service, and establish the service brand of the company.

Development Orientation:
To create a first-class service center, and establish a famous service brand in the world.

Service Concept:
The delight of customer is what we pursue.
Timely and efficient service guarantees the safety of customer and market.

Service Target:
Information network, service professionalization, all round training, full ranges of spare parts.

Service Promise:
•The warranty period for free of charge is one year or 1000 hours.
•Provide special service for important projects for free.
•Provide 0 hour delivery service for free.
•Provide free training service for the operator and service staff of the customer.
•Free regular follow up service in the periods of 250 hrs, 500 hrs, and 1000 hrs (not including the needed materials).

Customer Training:
Our training includes internal training, service company training, and technical training for the customers.

Response Time:
•The service engineer will get off in 10 minutes when receiving the service requirement or explain the solutions to the customer through the phone.
•The time from receiving the service message to arriving the site.
No more than 12 hours in 500 km; no more than 24 hours in 500-1000 km; no more than 48 hours in 1000-2000 km, and no more than 72 hours in more than 2000 km.
•The service engineers will standby all the time.
•The service engineer will not leave the site if the troubles haven’t got solved, and the engineer will get the customer’s permission before leaving the site.

Consultation on products and technologies
We will set up an expert panel on products and technologies to provide product introduction and answer technical problems from customers.

Special service for projects:
If the equipments that you have purchased from our company is serving in projects of provincial level or above that, we will provide you with special services (special coating for free, on site services with spare parts, provide extra time service on the construction site)

Customer follow up service:
We will make necessary quantification work on the application condition and service requirements of the customer after a period of service, so that we can improve our work, and we will also provide new suggestions according to the customers’ business conditions. And we will invite some of our customers to participate in the development and test work of our new products. And thus we will establish the customer follow up system to provide more convenient communication channel

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